Carbon Brushes

Electric Motor & Generator Brushes

For over 86 years, Helwig Carbon has been an industry leader in the replacement brush market, as well as a supplier to many of the major OEMs of DC equipment. Our state-of-the art manufacturing facility allows us to quickly produce custom brushes in a day or two. Helwig Carbon brushes are found throughout industry including steel processing, mining, power generation, papermills, railroad, and motor repair. The carbon brushes are custom designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of your particular motor or… Read More

Slip Ring Brushes

Slip Ring Brushes (An electrical slip ring is a rotary continuity device to transfer electrical power, control, and data from a stationary to rotating member. Brushes ride on the slip ring as the rotor rotates.) The electrical connection to the rotor is made by connections to the brushes. We also make brushes with inserts for cleaning action to minimize the slip ring wear. Brush impregnations and treatments can also done to protect the slip ring surface from contaminated environments. High Speed.. Read More

Grounding Brushes & Lightning Protection

Helwig Carbon offers several different carbon brushes for grounding applications. Our most popular grounding brush is used as a shaft grounding assembly that diverts static and induced electric currents in motor shafts away from the bearings, protecting them from pitting and damage. Check out our Bearing Protector which is a brush and holder kit that can be easily installed on the end of the motor shaft. Shaft grounding for use on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is the most popular use of our Bearing.. Read More

Generator Brushes for Wind Turbines

Helwig Carbon has been supplying brushes for wind turbine generators for over ten years. Reports of brush failures in turbine generators are very common. Field tests have shown our brushes are consistently outperforming the originally installed brush. Wind energy applications demand reliability. Choose Helwig brushes and brush holders to experience: Improved performance & reliability Reduced maintenance Extended brush life Lightning strikes are a serious concern for wind turbines. Helwig… Read More